H-ack Travel: Won!

Last weekend in H-Farm there was an hackathon with Travel main theme.

I subscribed the event as designer with a collegue, and i was curious to discover something new, to meet someone new.

Well, starting from the end: we won!

Why I Choose Octopress

Working at Zooppa.com is always giving me new chances to improve myself. One thing that i have done in the past and stopped “because have no time” it was blogging.

Some years ago i had a blog on Wordpress (still alive: OperaOmnnia) but i was becoming slower on writing, on finding inspiration, and so posts from weekly became monthly. The fact is that i’m not a professional blogger, so when designing or coding tasks became a full-time job, i stopped blogging because i was totally focused on them.

Then i joined Zooppa’s Team and we started the idea to a Tech Blog. I loved the idea cause it’s not a wasted-time: you write about your dailiy task. About the project you are working on. So you have not to find inspiration, but only to… keep track of what you are doing. Amazing! I could work, keep track of every step, share results!

This is the vision that push me to give another try to blogging.