Francesco Agnoletto
UX&UI designer
Currently available for hire
challenges requested
usable experiences architect
delightful interactions provider

That's it.

Need more?
Where is my portfolio? I don't have a portfolio and i'm not going to build one.

Why? Because it's useless.

Think of it, just for a moment.

Every design it's related to a function, finalized to a goal; a screenshot shows only the final step.
How can you understand the problems behind every choice? You see graphics, you see 'how it looks like'.

This is NOT design.

"Design is how it works"
So, please, if you want to know more about me, let's get in touch. I will be happy to show how i work.
Want to hire me? We could chat, have a call on skype(ciscodesign), whatever.

You can see some ideas on my Dribbble account or look at my Twitter timeline. Feel free to contact me.

You can download my CV, or look at Linkedin profile.

I'm available for hire.