Francesco Agnoletto UX & UI DESIGNER

UX DESIGNER ZOOPPA S.r.l. Actual position

Hello! this is me

I'm a UX designer living in Treviso, Italy.

I've started my internet adventure in 2007 as frontend developer for a web agency and i never stop improving myself on every little or big techology around the web. Today i'm a deep problem solver, searching always for “the smarter way”.

Smart for me means simple but functional, efficent, nice to see, in coding or in graphic.

It's f##king hard, but i love it

I think that only a serious UX-related approach can take product's identity to the next level.
The problem is that it's incredible hard to use UX workflows on today product development.
It's incredible insane to make UX process understandble to the whole team and to the Boss.

Guiding user experience on a web site, catching and suggesting correctly attention, interest, actions to get site's goals done: these are only a few things that a good UX designer can do. My challenges start from project analysis to team organization.

Really, it's not a joke, i'm serious.
Have you ever heard about LEAN UX? no?

Google it.
And come back later.

Be a hero, Stay foolish

The web is changing.
The way we approach technology is changing.

From domotics to wearable devices we are moving and growing so fast, maybe too fast. Sometimes we don't even understand in time our creations.

Social networks, for example, have changed the way we connect to each other: sometimes better, sometimes no. They are only instruments but it's a challenge to understand their value, their problems, even how the hell they work! Here come my hardest job: make them invisible.

I'm your hero.

I'm the one who guides users to get things done.
I'm the one who guides your users to get things done with your product.
I'm here to win only one challenge: make technology works for them and not against.
And i'm damn good at!

Can't you believe it? Read what people say about me!

Francesco is a very smart and great individual to work with. He has been instrumental in the organic growth of Spinra technologically and strategically. He has been a key player in the company, without him, the company would not be what it is today. I would recommend Francesco anytime to anyone in the internet and technology sector. I've been fortunate to work with Francesco on several projects and I find him to be a deep thinker, a very honest guy, and someone who I enjoy working with. Marco Janeczek • CEO, DomainsIncome SRL • September 29, 2010

It was a real pleasure to work with Francesco on this project. Highly skilled/experienced, dinamic and with a solid understanding of usability concepts and UX design. He also demonstrated a solid understanding of business deliverables, and the ability to take responsibility for them. Davanzo Andrea • Freelance senior developer and open source system integrator • January 21, 2013

I really like Design. And…

I love simplicity.

Everything in a design must have a reason to be. And it must be placed in the right space, of course. Swiss Style is the way.

I like to try new solutions, new techniques and i always search the “ninja/zen/agile”-way to solve a problem, to design a site, to write a function.

Curriculum Vitae. Who cares?

You can find me on:

Isn't enough?